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Company, websiteFoundedLocationSizeFunding
1. 1910 Genetics (See jobs) 2018Boston, MA1-5010-100M
2. 20n Bio (See jobs) 2021Philadelphia, PA1-50<10M
3. 3DBio Therapeutics (See jobs) 2014Long Island City, NY1-50<10M
4. 3T Biosciences (See jobs) 2017San Francisco, CA1-5010-100M
5. 4D Molecular Therapeutics (See jobs) 2013Emeryville, CA101-250100-500M
6. 64x Bio (See jobs) 2018San Francisco, CA1-5010-100M
7. 8Biomed (See jobs) 2018Malvern, PA1-50not disclosed
8. A-Alpha Bio (See jobs) 2017Seattle, WA1-5010-100M
9. A2 Biotherapeutics (See jobs) 2018Agoura Hills, CA51-100100-500M
10. AavantiBio (See jobs) 2019Cambridge, MA1-50100-500M
11. AB Studio (See jobs) 2017Hayward, CA1-50not disclosed
12. Abalone Bio (See jobs) 2017Emeryville, CA1-50<10M
13. Abata Therapeutics (See jobs) 2021Cambridge, MA1-5010-100M
14. Abeona Therapeutics (See jobs) 2015New York, NY51-100100-500M
15. Abintus Bio (See jobs) 2020San Diego, CA1-50not disclosed
16. Absci (See jobs) 2011Vancouver, WA101-250100-500M
17. Accelevir Diagnostics (See jobs) 2015Baltimore, MD1-50<10M
18. Accent Therapeutics (See jobs) 2017Lexington, MA1-50100-500M
19. ACELYRIN (See jobs) 2020Los Angeles, CA1-50100-500M
20. Acepodia (See jobs) 2016Alameda, CA1-50100-500M
21. Achieve Life Sciences (See jobs) 2015Seattle, WA1-5010-100M
22. Acrivon Therapeutics (See jobs) 2018Cambridge, MA1-50100-500M
23. Acrotech Biopharma (See jobs) 2018East Windsor, NJ51-100not disclosed
24. Acutis Diagnostics (See jobs) 2014Hicksville, NY101-250no disclosed
25. Adagio Therapeutics (See jobs) 2020Waltham, MA51-100100-500M
26. Adaptive Phage Therapeutics (See jobs) 2016Gaithersburg, MD1-5010-100M
27. Adcentrx Therapeutics (See jobs) 2021San Diego, CA1-5010-100M
28. Adicet Bio (See jobs) 2014Menlo Park, CA51-100100-500M
29. adMare BioInnovations (See jobs) 2019Vancouver, BC101-25010-100M
30. Admera Health (See jobs) 2014South Plainfield, NJ51-100not disclosed
31. Adverum Biotechnologies (See jobs) 2012Redwood City, CA101-250100-500M
32. adyn (See jobs) 2020Seattle, WA1-50<10M
33. Aeglea BioTherapeutics (See jobs) 2013Austin, TX101-25010-100M
34. Aether Bio (See jobs) 2017Menlo Park, CA1-50not disclosed
35. Affini-T Therapeutics (See jobs) 2021Watertown, MA1-50not disclosed
36. Affinia Therapeutics (See jobs) 2019Waltham, MA51-100100-500M
37. Affinivax (See jobs) 2014Cambridge, MA101-250100-500M
38. AgBiome (See jobs) 2012Research Triangle Park, NC101-250100-500M
39. Agena Bioscience (See jobs) 2014San Diego, CA101-250not disclosed
40. AiLife Diagnostics (See jobs) 2018Pearland, TX1-50not disclosed
41. Akero Therapeutics (See jobs) 2017San Francisco, CA1-50100-500M
42. Akouos (See jobs) 2016Boston, MA51-100100-500M
43. Alamar Biosciences (See jobs) 2018Fremont, CA1-5010-100M
44. Alector (See jobs) 2013San Francisco, CA101-250100-500M
45. Aleo BME (See jobs) 2015State College, PA1-5010-100M
46. AlivaMab Discovery Services (See jobs) 2018San Diego, CA1-50not disclosed
47. Alkahest (See jobs) 2014San Carlos, CA51-10010-100M
48. Alladapt Immunotherapeutics (See jobs) 2018Menlo Park, CA1-5010-100M
49. Allakos (See jobs) 2012Redwood City, CA101-250100-500M
50. Allarta Life Science (See jobs) 2018Hamilton, ON1-50<10M

1–50 of 884

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