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Short descriptionFoundedLocationClinical stageTherapy areaDrug typesDrug notesFundingInvestors
1. 1910 Genetics Computational chemistry platform to develop small molecule therapeutics2018Boston, MARDNeurological conditionsNEU, INF, IMM, ONC, RAR, GENUndisclosed programs RD infectious diseases, immunology conditions, oncology, rare & genetic diseases$22M A Mar 2021; $4.1M SeedFoundersX Ventures, Y Combinator, Scientia Ventures, Emles Advisors, Tuck Lye Koh of Shunwei Capital, M12
2. 20n Bio Computational Synthetic Biology2021Malvern, PA$3.3M seed Dec 2021BlueRun Ventures China
3. 3DBio Therapeutics Therapeutic-grade Bioprinting2014Long Island City, NY$5.3M A Apr 2021
4. 3T Biosciences TCR Therapies2017South SF, CARDSolid tumorsONC, IMM, VAC, INFUndisclosed programs RD autoimmune diseases, viral infections$40M A Aug 2022; $12M seed Oct 2017Westlake Village BioPartners, Lightspeed Venture Partners
5. 4D Molecular Therapeutics Gene Therapy2013Emeryville, CAClin1/Clin2Fabry diseaseGEN, OPH, RAR, LNG, GER, CVV4D-150 Clin1/Clin2 wet AMD, Clin0 DME; 4D-125 Clin1/Clin2 XLRP; 4D-110 Clin1/Clin2 choroideremia; 4D-710 Clin1/Clin2 cystic fibrosis, additional effort Clin0 cystic fibrosis; 4D-175 RD geographic atrophy; 4D-725 RD A1AT deficiency; undisclosed RD eye disease$138M stock May 2023; $222M IPO Dec 2020; $75M Jun 2020; $90M B Sep 2018; $20M prior
6. 64x Bio High throughput discovery and design of enhanced cell lines for next-generation biomanufacturing and therapeutics2018San Francisco, CA$55M A Jan 2022
7. 76Bio Targeted Protein Degraders2020Boston, MARD
8. A-Alpha Bio Yeast-based Drug Assay2017Seattle, WA$22.4M A2 Jul 2023; $20M A Sep 2021; $2.8M seed Sep 2019; $225 NSF grant Jul 2018
9. A2 Biotherapeutics Immunotherapy2017Agoura Hills, CAClin1Multiple cancersONCA2B694 Clin0 multiple cancers; 3 undisclosed programs RD undisclosed$71.5M B Oct 2020; $57M A Nov 2019
10. AAVogen 2015Rockville, Maryland<10M
12. AI Proteins
13. AIRNA Bio
14. ALX Oncology Immuno-oncology2015South SF, CAClin2 (fast track)Head & neck cancer (partner: Merck)ONCAlso different combo Clin2 (fast track) head & neck cancer (partner: MercK), Clin2 (fast track) gastric cancer (partner: Lilly), Clin1 urothelial cancer; 2 trials Clin1 breast cancer (one partnered: Zymeworks), Clin0 multiple myeloma; ALTA-002 Clin0 oncology$185.7M IPO Jul 2020; $105M C Feb 2020; $36M A Mar 2015
15. AN2 Therapeutics Novel medicines targeting infectious diseases2019Menlo Park, CAClin1NTM lung diseaseINFAlso 2 additional efforts Clin0/Clin1 NTM lung diseases, Clin0 melioidosis $70M stock Aug 2023; $79.4M IPO Mar 2022; $80M B Jan 2022; $12M A Nov 2019
16. AOA Dx Cancer Diagnosis2020Boulder, CO$7M Seed Sep 2022Avestria Ventures, AlleyCorp, The Helm, RH Capital, Olive Tree Capital, Tencent
18. AUM BioTech RNA-silencing Products2015Philadelphia, PA
19. AVROBIO Cellular & Gene Therapies2016Cambridge, MAClin1/Clin2Gaucher disease type 1RAR, GEN, PEDAlso Clin0 Gaucher disease type 3; AVR-RD-04 Clin1/Clin2 cystinosis; AVR-RD-05 Clin0 Hunter syndrome; AVR-RD-03 Clin0 Pompe disease$100M IPO Feb 2020
20. Ab Studio Antibody humanization and optimization service2017Hayward, CA
21. Abalone Bio Antibody Therapies2017Emeryville , CAClin0Diabetic peripheral neuropathic painPN, LNG, INF, HEP, GI, ONC, NPH, END, NWLUndisclosed Clin0 liver fibrosis/NASH; undisclosed Clin0 lung conditions/influenza; undisclosed Clin0 IBD; 5 undisclosed programs RD immuno-oncology, polycystic kidney disease, obesity, diabetes
22. Abata Therapeutics Treg Cell Therapies2021Cambridge, MAClin0MSIMM, NEU, END, MUSUndisclosed programs RD diabetes (1), RD inclusion body myositis$95M A Jun 2021
23. Abeona Therapeutics Therapies for Sanfilippo (SF) Syndrome Type A and Type B.2013Cleveland, OHClin3 (fast track)Recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (ODD)GEN, DRM, PED, RAR, OPHAB0-504 RD/Clin0 Stargardt disease; ABO-503 RD/Clin0 x-linked retinoschisis; ABO-505 RD/Clin0 autosomal dominant optic atrophy; AIM Vectors RD undisclosed$25M stock Jul 2023; $35M stock Nov 2022; $25M stock Apr 2022
24. Abintus Bio Gene Therapy2020San Diego, CAClin0LymphomasONC, INF3 undisclosed programs RD oncology, infectious disease, undisclosed
25. Abiosciences
26. Absci
27. Accelevir Diagnostics
28. Accent Therapeutics
29. Acepodia
30. Achieve Life Sciences
31. Acomhal Research 2017Roanoke, Virginia<10M
32. Acrivon Therapeutics
33. Actym Therapeutics, Inc. 2017Berkeley, California10 - 100M
34. Acutis Diagnostics
35. Adaptive Phage Therapeutics
36. Adcentrx Therapeutics
37. Adicet Bio
38. Aditum Bio
39. Admera Health
40. Adverum Biotechnologies
41. Aeglea BioTherapeutics
42. Aether Bio
43. Affini-T Therapeutics
44. Affinia Therapeutics
45. Affinivax
46. AgBiome
47. Agastiya Biotech 2019Temecula, Californianot disclosed
48. Agena Bioscience
49. AiViva Biopharma 2016Newport Beach, Californianot disclosed
50. Ainnocence 2021San Francisco, Californianot disclosed

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