3DBio Therapeutics

3DBio Therapeutics

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  • 2014
  • Long Island City, NY
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3DBio Therapeutics is implanting 3D-bioprinted living tissues in patients. Living tissue implants are regenerative medicines that can be built from a patient’s own healthy tissue. 3DBio is generating personalized tissue implants using their four-part technology platform including their proprietary 3D-bioprinter (GMPrint), bio-ink (ColVivo), specialized cell culture and implantable protective shells. These implants are patient-matched and patient-derived, and 3DBio’s first product, AuriNovo, is being tested in clinical trials in adults and children. AuriNovi is created from a small biopsy on the patient’s ear remnant which is then used by 3DBio to print new, normally-shaped ears. The newly created ear is implanted into the patient clinically.


3DBio Therapeutics
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