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Acutis Diagnostics

Acutis Diagnostics

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  • 101-250
  • 2014
  • Hicksville, NY
  • no disclosed



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About company:

Acutis Diagnostics is using their expertise in infectious diseases to innovate diagnostic technologies and procedures. Reliable testing for infectious diseases, substance use, medication monitoring and oncology necessitates minimal errors. Acutis is striving for no errors by advancing medical testing with industry-leading turnaround time using their disease product line, Acutis RevealTM. For example, Acutis used their technology to detect COVID-19 including the emerging global variants that shows >99% sensitivity and 100% specificity within their test environment. However, Acutis delivers more than just test results, but also offers insights, support and access to their staff so that patients can understand their data.


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