AN2 Therapeutics

AN2 Therapeutics

  • Founded: 2019
  • Location: Menlo Park, CA
  • Employee range: 11 - 50
  • Clinical stage: Clin1
  • Therapy area: NTM lung disease
  • Drug types: INF
  • Lead product: Epetraborole
  • Product link:
  • Funding: $70M stock Aug 2023; $79.4M IPO Mar 2022; $80M B Jan 2022; $12M A Nov 2019

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Short description:

Novel medicines targeting infectious diseases

Drug notes:

Also 2 additional efforts Clin0/Clin1 NTM lung diseases, Clin0 melioidosis

Long description:

AN2 Therapeutics is developing treatments for rare, chronic and serious infections with high unmet medical need. Traditional drug discovery typically starts with small molecules based on natural products or peptides which tend to not contain boron. However, boron-based compounds are typically selective for their biological target. AN2 is tuning the reactive center of boron-based compounds to identify drugs that can target sites within the body with good pharmacokinetics. AN2’s lead candidate, Epetraborole, is a boron-containing, orally-available, small molecule that inhibits an essential step in protein synthesis that they have developed for the treatment of non-tuberculous mycobacterial lung disease.


AN2 Therapeutics
Corporate Controller
Menlo Park, CA|23 days ago

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