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Meet Kelly | Principal Recruiter & Consultant

If you're working at a growing, early-stage biotechnology company, you need to hire your research teams. You may be a founder who needs help hiring your first employees; you may be a Scientist yourself who needs to grow your team; you may be in HR but you're too busy managing employees to think about hiring more of them!

No matter who you are - if need help finding, attracting, and hiring talent in biotechnology - I'd love to hear from you.

Kelly Burke, Founder and Principal Recruiter at Work in biotech

My name is Kelly Burke. I'm the Founder and Principal Recruiter at Work In Biotech. I have experience hiring 250+ biotech professionals over the past 5+ years.

I completed my PhD in Chemistry and Molecular Biology at Caltech in 2017. Since then, I have been hiring biotechnology companies - from startups as small as 3 employees to early clinical-stage companies with nearly 300 employees. My recruiting experience includes both agency and in-house.

If you need a full cycle recruiter who can scale up and down with your hiring needs, an expert sourcer who can build your talent pipelines, a talent acquisition consultant who can streamline your recruiting process and improve candidate experience, or you simply want to connect - feel free to schedule a call with me.

I specialize in R&D and Technical Operations, but I have filled roles across many departments, including:

Immunology, Autoimmunity, Oncology, Molecular/Cell Biology, Protein Biochemistry & Conjugation, Tissue Targeting, Vector Production, Upstream & Downstream Process Development, Analytical Development, Formulations & Drug Product, CMC, Pilot Plant, Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Chain, Data Science, Bioinformatics, IT, Clinical, and more.

What people say

Hiring manager feedback

  • A great TA Partner when working with the Autoimmune team to overcome the challenges of this crazy labor market!
  • Great suggestions and diligent work on our Engineer III recruitment!
  • What perserverance! Thank you very much for your hard work to find the best candidate to join Oncology.
  • Thank you for the support and communication with the Sr. Analyst position. Such a pleasure working with you and I really appreciate all your help and feedback.

Candidate feedback

  • I am sure that you are the best recruiter I have ever met so far who knows the scientific applications... I felt like I was talking with the hiring manager in the discovery department.
  • Thanks so much for helping throughout the job application process. Loving it here at [company] and I owe you a big thanks for that.
  • I had a great hiring experience! Thank you for that.

Contact me

If you are a company looking for recruiting support, schedule a consultation or send me an email at kelly@workinbiotech.com.

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