Lycia Therapeutics

Lycia Therapeutics

  • Founded: 2020
  • Location: South SF, CA
  • Employee range: 1 - 10
  • Clinical stage: RD
  • Therapy area: Immunology conditions
  • Drug types: IMM, PN
  • Lead product: Undisclosed
  • Product link:
  • Funding: $70M B Sep 2021; $50M Jun 2020
  • Investors: Versant Ventures

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Short description:

Lysosomal Targeting Chimeras Targeting Protein Degradation

Drug notes:

Undisclosed RD pain

Long description:

Lycia Therapeutics is developing tools to degrade extracellular proteins exploiting knowledge of lysosomes. Lysosomes are cellular organelles that are hubs for protein degradation. Using their Lysosomal Targeting Chimera (LYTAC) platform, Lycia is hijacking the endogenous lysosomal trafficking shuttle to target the untapped extracellular proteome. The LYTAC platform can be extended to both board-based and tissue-specific targeting enabling several therapeutic modalities. Lycia is advancing an undisclosed discovery pipeline of novel LYTAC degraders for clearing protein aggregates and immune complexes, removal of circulating antibodies and degrading challenging membrane targets to treat autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.


Lycia Therapeutics
Senior Research Associate I, Bioconjugation
South San FranciscoOn-site|36 days ago

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