Kimia Therapeutics

Kimia Therapeutics

  • Founded: 2022
  • Location: Berkeley, CA
  • Employee range: 0 - 0
  • Funding: 10-100M

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Treatment for metabolic disease

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Kimia Therapeutics is reinventing the future of drug discovery to search for better medicines. Due to the large number of proteins and possible ways in which they can be targeted therapeutically, the druggable proteome remains under-explored. Chemotype Evolution can address this challenge by rapidly synthesizing and screening a target-focused library beginning with a chemical starting point called a “bait”. Using Chemotype Evolution, Kimia is mapping the active and inactive molecular features of drug molecules that provides relevant information for machine learning to design new chemical iterations. Following this approach, Kimia can explore vast chemical diversity with unprecedented speed and identify novel targets and drug leads that may offer new therapeutics for diseases like cancer.


Kimia Therapeutics
Senior Scientist, Biochemical Assay Development
Berkeley, CAOn-site|10 days ago

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