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  • 51-100
  • 2019
  • Durham, NC
  • 50-100M



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Xilis is developing next-generation technologies to guide therapies for cancer patients. Current cancer therapies have side effects that could be eliminated if patient-specific responses could be predicted. To overcome this, Xilis is using their MicroOrganoSphere (MOS) technology, which enables patient-derived micro-tumor production. MOS retains unique patient tissue structure, genetic alterations, gene expression and immune microenvironment to enable precision oncology. Having patient predictive tumor models lets Xilis measure cell viability and drug response so that clinicians can make timely decisions for treatment strategies. So far, MOS has worked for breast, lung and liver cancers.


Senior Desktop Analyst
Durham, NC|15 days ago
Associate Laboratory Technologist (part-time, contract)
Durham, NC|28 days ago

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