Werewolf Therapeutics

Werewolf Therapeutics

  • Founded: 2019
  • Location: Watertown, MA
  • Employee range: 11 - 50
  • Clinical stage: Clin1b
  • Therapy area: Oncology
  • Drug types: ONC, IMM
  • Lead product: WTX-124
  • Product link: https://werewolftx.com/our-pipeline/
  • Funding: $120M IPO Apr 2021; $72M B Jan 2021; $56M A Nov 2019



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Short description:

Cancer Treatments

Drug notes:

WTX-330 Clin1 oncology; WTX-613 Clin0 oncology; WTX-712 RD tumors; Indukine molecules RD immuno-oncology, autoimmune and inflammatory disease

Long description:

Werewolf Therapeutics is pioneering conditionally activated macrophage therapies for the treatment of cancer. Their work revolves around PREDATOR, a proprietary platform that designs and engineers macrophages to specifically target and destroy cancer cells. PREDATOR macrophages are activated selectively within the tumor microenvironment, minimizing off-target effects and maximizing therapeutic impact. Werewolf Therapeutics' lead product candidates, WTX-124 and WTX-330, are conditionally activated Interleukin-2 (IL-2) and Interleukin-12 (IL-12) INDUKINE molecules for the treatment of solid tumors. These therapies leverage the inherent tumor-fighting abilities of macrophages to effectively target and eliminate cancer cells while minimizing systemic toxicity.


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