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Volastra Therapeutics

Volastra Therapeutics

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  • 1-50
  • 2019
  • New York, NY
  • 10-50M



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Volastra Therapeutics is developing drugs that target a vulnerability of cancer cells - chromosomal instability, or CIN. CIN is present in 60-80% of cancers and is associated with poor survival in many patients. By using their proprietary CINtech platform that incorporates cancer biology, data sciences and medicinal chemistry, Volastra is turning a deep biological understanding of CIN into life-saving therapies. The tools Volastra is using range from CIN CRISPR screen, CIN imaging and genomics to molecular structure-activity analysis. Volastra is initially focusing on two therapeutic approaches: synthetic lethality and immune activation, with programs in early development.


Volastra Therapeutics
Scientist/Senior Scientist Translational Science and Biomark...
New York City, NY|36 days ago

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