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Vedanta Biosciences

Vedanta Biosciences

    Company info:

  • 101-250
  • 2010
  • Cambridge, MA
  • 100-500M



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About company:

Vedanta Biosciences is developing a class of drugs to modulate the human microbiome. The human microbiome contains trillions of microbes that are important for preserving our health and stimulating immune responses. Dysfunction of the microbiota has been linked with several diseases; however, it is now hoped that the microbiota offers a new target class for therapeutics. Vedanta has one of the largest, most diverse culture collections of gut bacteria in the world and is using their discovery platform to identify defined bacterial consortia with drug-like properties that can be used to create oral therapies. Currently, Vedanta’s pipeline includes product candidates for C.difficile infection, inflammatory bowel disease, Gram-negative infections, solid tumors and food allergies.


Vedanta Biosciences
Contract – Quality Control Associate/Senior Quality Control ...
Cambridge, MA|10 days ago
Vedanta Biosciences
Contract – Senior Quality Assurance Specialist
Cambridge, MA|10 days ago
Vedanta Biosciences
Manager, Regulatory Affairs
Cambridge, MA|12 days ago
Vedanta Biosciences
Contract - Senior/Principal Research Associate, Microbiology...
Cambridge, MA|18 days ago
Vedanta Biosciences
Senior Quality Control Specialist (Raw Materials)
Cambridge, MA|25 days ago
Vedanta Biosciences
Contract - Procurement Associate, Supply Chain
Cambridge, MA|30 days ago
Vedanta Biosciences
Senior/Manufacturing Associate
Cambridge, MA|47 days ago
Vedanta Biosciences
Clinical Research Scientist
Cambridge, MA|53 days ago
Vedanta Biosciences
Contract – Document Control & Training Specialist
Cambridge, MA|80 days ago
Vedanta Biosciences
Senior Process Engineer
Cambridge, MA|100+ days ago

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