Terray Therapeutics

Terray Therapeutics

  • Founded: 2018
  • Location: Pasadena, CA
  • Employee range: 11 - 50
  • Funding: $60M Feb 2022



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Short description:

Spatially encoded screening and optimization platform

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Long description:

Terray Therapeutics is using AI-technology to drive drug discovery. To develop a therapeutic engine, Terray is generating chemical data purpose-built for drug discovery that is integrated into their computational platform, tNova. tNova runs iterative cycles of virtual molecular design and precise biochemical measurement. This data feeds forward to power machine learning models that guide the next cycle of design. With a chemistry engine that measures billions of interactions daily and becomes increasingly precise, Terray can answer various biological questions and derive insights to predictably create drugs for patients. This virtual approach enables Terray to work on a large scale, faster than previously possible.


Terray Therapeutics
Analytical and Purification Chemist
Monrovia, CA|17 days ago
Terray Therapeutics
Associate Scientist - Preclinical Development, Pro...
Monrovia, CA|22 days ago
Terray Therapeutics
Research Associate, Microarray Screening
Monrovia, CA|30 days ago
Terray Therapeutics
Research Associate, Biology
Monrovia, CA|54 days ago
Terray Therapeutics
Senior Scientist – Computational Chemistry
Flexible (Remote or Monrovia, CA)|75 days ago
Terray Therapeutics
Senior Automation Software Engineer
Monrovia, CA|85 days ago
Terray Therapeutics
Associate Systems Administrator
Monrovia, CA|100+ days ago
Terray Therapeutics
Data Engineer - R&D Informatics
Monrovia, CA|100+ days ago
Terray Therapeutics
Senior Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Monrovia, CA|100+ days ago

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