TCR2 Therapeutics

TCR2 Therapeutics

  • Founded: 2015
  • Location: Cambridge, MA
  • Employee range: 50 - 200
  • Clinical stage: Clin2
  • Therapy area: Multiple cancers
  • Drug types: ONC
  • Lead product: Gavo-cel
  • Product link:
  • Funding: $140M stock Jan 2021; $75M IPO Feb 2019; $125M Mar 2018; $44.5M A Dec 2016

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Short description:

T Cell Immunotherapy

Drug notes:

TC-510 Clin1 multiple cancers; TC-520 Clin0 multiple cancers

Long description:

TCR2 Therapeutics is engineering T cell receptors (TCRs) to treat solid tumors. T cells are potent components of the immune system that identify tumor cells through their TCRs and direct the immune system to fight and clear them. TCR2 is expanding the range of TCRs and optimizing them for longer persistence in the body, better response to relapse due to antigen escape and to create a memory phenotype. Through this approach, TCR2 is creating TCR Fusion Construct T cells (TRuC-T cells) that involves engineering a patient’s T cells for a powerful, yet controlled response against cancer cells. With promising preclinical and clinical studies, TCR2 is building a robust pipeline for solid and hematologic cancers.


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