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  • 101-250
  • 2016
  • Houston, TX
  • 100-500M



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Solugen is using synthetic biology to create sustainable, biodegradable reagents. Chemical production is responsible for 30% of global carbon emissions. Solugen has created Bioforge, the world’s first carbon negative molecular manufacturing platform, to convert inexpensive feedstock into valuable product materials. These materials are synthesized using Solugen’s proprietary engineered enzymes that operate at low heat, low energy and produce no waste. Solugen can generate products that are sustainable, non-toxic and have high yield. The potential for Solugen’s products range from bio-made medicines, green building materials, clean water, safe food to high performance bioplastics. Solugen has already developed a suite of bio-based chemicals for water treatment.


Process Technician
Houston, TX|24 days ago
Technician – Heterogeneous Metals Catalysis
Houston, TX|100+ days ago
Principal Scientist - Enzymes
Houston, TX|100+ days ago

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