Singular Genomics

Singular Genomics

  • Founded: 2016
  • Location: La Jolla, CA
  • Employee range: 200 - 500
  • Funding: $258M IPO May 2021

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Singular Genomics is working at the forefront of genomics and has created the world’s most powerful benchtop sequencer. The sequencer and Singular’s first commercial product, G4, is an innovative sequencing platform that delivers unmatched power, speed and versatility. G4 uses a proprietary 4-color Rapid SBS chemistry comprising engineered enzymes and nucleotides that enable highly accurate paired-read sequencing for multiple experiments in parallel. Besides G4, Singular is interested in developing tools for spatial multi-omics with single-cell resolution. Ultimately, Singular is focused on advancing science through offering powerful sequencing approaches.


Singular Genomics
Downstream Process Development and Manufacturing S...
San Diego, CA|26 days ago
Singular Genomics
Staff Buyer Planner
San Diego, CA|26 days ago
Singular Genomics
Spatial Field Application Scientist 2
San Diego, CA|28 days ago
Singular Genomics
Field Service Engineer 2
Boston, MA|33 days ago
Singular Genomics
Field Application Scientist 2
Boston, MA|36 days ago
Singular Genomics
Product Manager
San Diego, CA|68 days ago

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