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Sherlock Biosciences

Sherlock Biosciences

    Company info:

  • 51-100
  • 2019
  • Boston, MA
  • 50-100M



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About company:

Sherlock Biosciences is using CRISPR technology to revolutionize diagnostics for DNA and RNA detection. Sherlock’s diagnostic tests are rapid, accurate, affordable and developed to be used at any time and location from saliva, urine, or blood. The company has two main diagnostic platforms: SHERLOCK and INSPECTR. SHERLOCK uses CRISPR technology and ‘smart amplicon detection’ to detect a specific nucleic acid signature in any organism or pathogen. A SARS-Cov-2 SHERLOCK kit has recently been FDA approved for clinical use. INSPECTR consists of dried synthetic gene networks that produce a reporter protein via cell-free transcription/translation upon target presence. Sherlock aims to decentralize testing anywhere to personalize healthcare and impact global health.


Sherlock Biosciences
Summer Interns (R&D, Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations, Com...
Boston, MA|24 days ago
Sherlock Biosciences
Associate Director - FP&A
Boston, MA|100+ days ago
Sherlock Biosciences
Test Engineering Associate
Boston, MA|100+ days ago

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