• Founded: 2018
  • Location: Redwood City, CA
  • Employee range: 50 - 200
  • Funding: $251M stock Feb 2021; $201M IPO Dec 2020; $55M Jul 2020; $55M D Dec 2019; $17.5M C Jul 2019

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Early Detection

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Seer is enabling unbiased and rapid proteomics at scale. Unlike the advances seen in the detection of nucleic acids using genomics and transcriptomics, proteomics has fallen behind. Seer aims to act upon this and pioneer new ways to decode the secrets of the proteome to improve human health. To improve proteome detection, Seer has developed their Proteograph platform. This platform starts with engineered nanoparticles that have unique physicochemical properties to enable deep and unbiased insight into the proteome in a rapid and scalable manner. The Proteograph Product Suite can be commercialized to different research labs and companies and lead to unprecedented scientific discoveries.


Automation Engineer, Product Development
Redwood City, CA|11 days ago

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