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  • 101-250
  • 2013
  • Santa Monica, CA
  • 100-500M



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Provivi is mimicking insect mating disruption to develop safe and effective pheromone solutions for crop protection. Pheromones are natural compounds produced by insects - for instance, female insects produce pheromones to attract male mates.The pheromones can be synthesized artificially to control insect populations by confusing and preventing males from finding females. Provivi is using this understanding to create insect pheromones using their proprietary biocatalysts and low-cost raw materials to increase yields and rates of pheromone synthesis. Provivi is developing these pheromones to decrease the usage of insecticides and improve crop growth. For example, Provivi has made a mating disruption product against the yellow and striped stem borer in rice, which showed strong performance in extensive trials.


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