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Pardes Biosciences

Pardes Biosciences

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  • 1-50
  • 2020
  • Carlsbad, CA
  • 100-500M



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Pardes Biosciences is solving pandemic-sized problems. The outbreak of COVID-19 caused a significant global health crisis that demanded the fast development of antiviral treatments. Pardes is working to develop and commercialize antivirals for the treatment of coronavirus - as well as potential future pandemics and human diseases - using a combination of medicinal chemistry, structure-based drug design and virology. Drugs are identified using their chemistry platform that consists of “warheads” that enable the discovery of reversible covalent chemical bonding activity that enhances the activity and selectivity of drug candidates and reduces likely “off-target” reactions. Focusing on orally deployable drugs also helps to address disparities in care that exists in the treatment of many prevalent diseases.


Pardes Biosciences
Senior Manager, Finance
San Diego, CA|31 days ago

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