Nautilus Biotechnology

Nautilus Biotechnology

  • Founded: 2016
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Employee range: 50 - 200
  • Funding: $76M B May 2020

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Short description:

High-throughput, low-cost platform for analyzing and quantifying the human proteome

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Long description:

Nautilus Biotechnology is unlocking the proteome to enable fundamental advances across human health and medicine. There is a wealth of information about human biology that is held within the proteome - the collection of proteins and their abundance in a cell. However, techniques to access this information have until now been limiting. Nautilus has created the first, large-scale, single-molecule platform to comprehensively quantify >95% of the proteome. The platform uses a protein array and fluorescent affinity-probes and was created by integrating innovations in computer science, engineering and biochemistry to deliver extreme sensitivity and scale. With this technology, biological research can lead to a better understanding of human diseases.


Nautilus Biotechnology
Senior Software Engineer II, Front-End React
NW|10 days ago
Nautilus Biotechnology
Senior Manager, Protein Sample Preparation
San Carlos, CA|26 days ago
Nautilus Biotechnology
Senior Process Development Engineer II, Chip and S...
San Carlos, CA|26 days ago
Nautilus Biotechnology
Principal Bioinformatics Scientist, Protein Decodi...
San Carlos, CA|36 days ago
Nautilus Biotechnology
Instrument Test Engineer
San Carlos, CA|37 days ago
Nautilus Biotechnology
Director/Senior Director of Instrument Hardware En...
San Carlos, CA|100+ days ago

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