Molecular Loop Biosciences

Molecular Loop Biosciences

  • Founded: 2021
  • Location: Woburn, MA
  • Employee range: 1 - 10
  • Funding: <10M

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NGS Technology

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Molecular Loop Biosciences is developing tools to improve targeted sequencing, a technique used to analyze specific regions of a DNA or RNA. They aim to make targeted sequencing more accessible and efficient for laboratories. Their core technology, LoopCap™, is a proprietary simplified process of enriching specific DNA or RNA sequences for targeted sequencing, streamlining the process and allowing laboratories to handle a wider range of sample sizes. This platform can be used to identify genetic mutations linked to diseases, study genetic changes in cancer and other diseases, and improve crops and understanding of plant biology. Molecular Loop Biosciences seeks to democratize access to the valuable information obtained through targeted sequencing by making it easier for any lab to perform.


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