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Modern Meadow

Modern Meadow

    Company info:

  • 51-100
  • 2011
  • Nutley, NJ
  • 100-500M



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About company:

Modern Meadow is creating sustainable materials using biofabrication. Biofabrication involves the use of cells, proteins and biological materials as building blocks to manufacture products. Modern Meadow is harnessing the unique properties of proteins to create a diverse range of products from handbags, car seats to skin care products. Each of Modern Meadow’s proteins is made using their fermentation technology, Bio-F@rm, to produce animal-free proteins via a scalable and environmentally-responsible process. The proteins are either used as building blocks for materials or active ingredients with multiple potential applications. Modern’s first protein expression was Bio-Coll@gen, a safe, vegan, biocompatible bioactive that can stimulate Collagen type III production.


Modern Meadow
Nutley, NJ|3 days ago
Modern Meadow
EHS Manager
Nutley, NJ|10 days ago
Modern Meadow
Senior Director, Biomedical Business Development
Nutley, NJ|42 days ago
Modern Meadow
Director, Biomedical Collaborations
Nutley, NJ|48 days ago

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