MiNK Therapeutics

MiNK Therapeutics

  • Founded: 2017
  • Location: Lexington, MA
  • Employee range: 11 - 50
  • Clinical stage: Clin1
  • Therapy area: Multiple myeloma
  • Drug types: ONC, LNG, INF, IMM
  • Lead product: Agent -797
  • Product link: https://minktherapeutics.com/
  • Funding: $40M IPO Oct 2021



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Short description:

Cell Therapy, CAR-T

Drug notes:

Also Clin1 solid tumors, Clin1 viral infection ARDS; MiNK-215 Clin0 oncology; MiNK-413 Clin0 oncology; 2 undisclosed programs RD/Clin0 oncology

Long description:

MiNK Therapeutics is a clinical-stage, MA-based company developing innovative cell therapies and cell engagers to fight cancer and other immune-mediated diseases. This precision oncology company develops allogeneic, invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cell therapies. iNKT cells have a dual attack strategy that directly kills tumor cells, while simultaneously activating other parts of the immune system to fight cancer. iNKTs have an internal device that helps regulate both the innate and adaptive immune system. These cells also have the benefit of the killing abilities of natural killer cells with the memory of T cells, which can result in the effective treatment of solid tumor cancers. MiNK is led by Dr. Jennifer Buell, an experienced biopharmaceutical leader.


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