Mantra Bio

Mantra Bio

  • Founded: 2016
  • Location: South SF, CA
  • Employee range: 11 - 50
  • Funding: $9M A-2 Jan 2023; $25M A Jul 2020

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Exosome Delivery

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Mantra Bio is using exosomes to deliver safe, highly targeted medicines. Exosomes are small membrane particles that act as nano-messengers within the body's communication network. Mantra has created REVEAL, an exosome engineering platform, to generate targeted exosome vehicles (TEVs) for a broad set of therapeutic areas. The platform combines computational biology to identify novel targets from Mantra’s proprietary database of human exosome-to-cell-to-tissue omics data, with lab automation to rapidly screen TEV candidates in cell-based assays and in vivo animal models. Tissue specificity and efficacy is achieved by targeting proteins on the exosome surface and loading TEVs with therapeutic agents.


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