Kernal Biologics

Kernal Biologics

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  • 2016
  • Cambridge, MA
  • 10-100M

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Kernal Biologics is developing mRNA therapeutics for diseases like COVID and cancer. mRNA therapeutics have much potential to deliver instructions to cells to produce therapeutic proteins, but the therapeutics are limited by effective delivery. Using their patented engineering methods and a clinically validated delivery system, Kernal is identifying therapeutic mRNAs that can be targeted to a diseased tissue and offer hyper-selective activation. This involves mining datasets to identify targetable nuances in the genetic code unique to different cell types and inserting those signatures into designer mRNAs. Kernel refers to these mRNAs, which are delivered via lipid nanoparticles to achieve specificity, as ‘mRNA 2.0’. The proteins made by cells decoding the mRNA can promote healing or suppress disease.


Kernal Biologics
Co-op Immuno-Oncology
Cambridge, MA|26 days ago
Kernal Biologics
Senior Scientist/Principal Scientist Immuno-Oncolo...
Cambridge, MA|48 days ago
Kernal Biologics
Research Associate, mRNA process development
Cambridge, MA|100+ days ago
Kernal Biologics
Research Associate/Sr. Research Associate, LNP Cha...
Cambridge, MA|100+ days ago

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