Joyn Bio

Joyn Bio

  • Founded: 2017
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Employee range: 51-100
  • Funding: 100-500M

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Joyn Bio is a joint venture between Ginkgo Bioworks and Leaps using synthetic biology to make crop production more sustainable. Microbes contribute to crop growth by aiding access to nutrients and protecting against pests and diseases. Expertise from Ginkgo Bioworks and Leaps is used by Joyn Bio to engineer microbes to develop a new class of high-performance biologicals that are sustainable and reliable. These microbes will help crops like corn, wheat and rice convert nitrogen from the air into a form they can use to grow, thus reducing the reliance on synthetic nitrogen fertilizer. By cutting nitrogen fertilizer use, greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution is reduced. Joyn is also using their platform to engineer microbes to create biologics for crop protection and fertility.


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