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  • 101-250
  • 2015
  • Boulder, CO
  • 100-500M

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Inscripta is pioneering digital genome engineering solutions. To understand the complexity of the biological genome, tools are required to modify the sequence and assess the phenotypes. Inscripta has created their automated CRISPR engineering platform, The Onyx, to simplify, accelerate and achieve robust strain optimization for genome discovery. The platform lets scientists design genome deletions, substitutions or full saturation mutagenesis of their needs faster than traditional methods. Use of the Onyx includes royalty-free access to Inscripta’s proprietary NAD7 nuclease for genome editing applications. Other applications of Inscripta’s technology range from genomic discovery, evolutionary studies to functional residue mapping.


Scientific Project Manager
Boulder, CO|11 days ago
Research Associate II/III, Biochemistry
Boulder, CO|74 days ago

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