hC Bioscience

hC Bioscience

  • Founded: 2021
  • Location: Cambridge, MA
  • Employee range: 11 - 50
  • Clinical stage: RD
  • Therapy area: Genetic diseases
  • Drug types: GEN, ONC
  • Lead product: Undisclosed
  • Product link: https://hcbioscience.com/science-technology/
  • Funding: $16M A Nov 2022; $24M A Feb 2022
  • Investors: 8VC, Taiho Ventures, Panacea Venture



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Short description:

tRNA-based Therapeutics

Drug notes:

Undisclosed RD oncology

Long description:

hC Bioscience is developing therapies that employ protein editing to overcome genetic diseases. Transfer RNAs (tRNAs) are important for reading the genetic code during protein production. hC Bioscience is engineering tRNAs using their PTCX platform to go beyond genome editing and modify the proteome. In particular, hC Bioscience is generating a single suppressor tRNA therapy that can correct multiple mutant proteins in a variety of disease indications. The suppressor tRNAs recognise nonsense mutations and prevent premature termination of protein synthesis. Nonsense mutations are responsible for 10-15% of human genetic diseases and hence hC Bioscience are well positioned to treat many diseases regardless of the gene mutated.


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