Gritstone Bio

Gritstone Bio

  • Founded: 2015
  • Location: Emeryville, CA
  • Employee range: 50 - 200
  • Clinical stage: Clin2
  • Therapy area: Solid tumors
  • Drug types: ONC, INF
  • Lead product: Granite
  • Product link:
  • Funding: $45M stock Oct 2022; $110M stock Dec 2020; $100M IPO Sep 2018; $92.7M B Sep 2017; $102M A Oct 2015

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Short description:

Personalized cancer vaccines

Drug notes:

Slate Clin2 solid tumors, Clin0 other solid tumors; Coral Clin1 COVID-19; HIV Clin1 HIV (partner: Gilead); undisclosed programs Clin0 flu, HPV, respiratory infections

Long description:

Gritstone bio is developing immunotherapies for cancer and infectious diseases. Immunotherapies work by activating the patient's immune response - for instance, activating T cells to detect and eliminate cancerous or infected cells. Gritstone is creating a diverse portfolio of immunotherapies using their EDGE platform, an AI-driven platform that can identify T cell targets on tumor or virally infected cells. Gritstone then uses their immunogenic vaccine platform to stimulate the immune system and drive generation of T cells and antibodies against the identified targets. Their portfolio includes two key classes of products. Individualized products that are unique to an individual patient and ‘off-the-shelf’ products that target cancer mutations that recur between different cancer patients. Gritstone is also working on a COVID-19 vaccine to provide longer, more robust immunity to emerging variants.


Gritstone Bio
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Gritstone Bio
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