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Gandeeva Therapeutics

Gandeeva Therapeutics

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  • 1-50
  • 2021
  • Vancouver, BC
  • 10-100M



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Gandeeva Therapeutics is using the power of cryo-EM and machine learning to advance drug discovery. Cryo-EM is a microscopy method that enables visualization of protein structures. Protein structures and their interactions are altered in almost all diseases. Using advances in resolution of cryo-EM in their platform, Gandeeva is imaging protein interfaces and using machine learning to develop precision medicines to treat challenging diseases. The Cryo-EM engine, HYPERFOCUS, enables mapping of druggable sites onto atomic resolution protein images. Gandeeva’s approach will tackle many targets from allosteric proteins, protein-protein complexes, nucleic acid protein complexes to membrane proteins using therapies ranging from small molecules to engineered antibodies.


Gandeeva Therapeutics
Director, Biology
Vancouver, BC|66 days ago

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