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  • 51-100
  • 2016
  • Cambridge, MA
  • 100-500M



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FogPharma is developing treatments for currently undruggable disease targets. Many drugs can be classified as monoclonal antibodies that cannot access the cell interior or as small molecules that lack specificity for interior targets. FogPharma is focusing on a new class of drugs - Helicon polypeptides - that combine the targeting power of monoclonal antibodies with the cell-penetrating ability of small molecules. The polypeptides designed by FogPharma have an alpha helical shape, which confers unique drug-like properties and greater stability. FogPharma evaluates thousands of new peptides weekly in biochemical and cell-based assays to select hits to develop. FogPharma’s lead product, FOG-001, targets β-catenin, which is commonly overactive in cancer.


Senior Accountant
Cambridge, MA|100+ days ago
Principal Scientist, Cancer Cell Biology
Cambridge, MA|100+ days ago

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