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Exo Therapeutics

Exo Therapeutics

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  • 1-50
  • 2018
  • Watertown, MA
  • 100-500M



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About company:

Exo Therapeutics is a small molecule drug discovery company addressing intractable pharmaceutical targets. Most small molecules are designed to bind the active site of an enzyme; however, many active sites are inaccessible or are similar to non-target enzymes. Exo Therapeutics is targeting exosites, which are distal substrate-enzyme sites that occur widely across the proteome. Exo uses their ExoSight platform to develop a pipeline of potent drug candidates that reprogram enzyme activity for oncology, inflammation and other diseases.

Exo aims to expand the druggable universe with exosites that represent ~30% of known target space. Through the use of CryoEM structures, structural biology and protein engineering, Exo has built proprietary capabilities for systematized ligand discovery.


Exo Therapeutics
Principal Research Associate, Biology
Cambridge, MA|3 days ago
Exo Therapeutics
Principal Scientist, Biochemistry
Watertown, MA|17 days ago
Exo Therapeutics
Principal Scientist, Biology
Watertown, MA|23 days ago
Exo Therapeutics
Watertown, MA|60 days ago
Exo Therapeutics
Senior/Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Boston, MA|100+ days ago

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