Enveda Biosciences

Enveda Biosciences

  • Founded: 2019
  • Location: Boulder, CO
  • Employee range: 50 - 200
  • Funding: $51M B1 Apr 2023; $68M B Dec 2022; $56M prior to Dec 2022
  • Investors: FPV, Jazz Venture Partners, Level Ventures, Amino Collective, Allen & Co, Possible Ventures, True Ventures, Lux Capital, Wireframe Ventures, Hummingbird Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, Kinnevik, Henry R. Kravis



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Small Molecule Drug Discovery from Plants

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Enveda Biosciences is translating molecules found in medicinal plants into new drugs to treat disease. Using machine learning, computational metabolomics and knowledge graphs, Envada is exploring the biology of the natural world to identify the next generation of small molecule therapeutics. Envada’s discovery platform involves three core technologies: MOA-driven hypotheses to identify target candidates, cloud-scale dereplication to map the novel chemical space in plants of interest and bioactive lead identification. This plant-powered drug discovery is enabling Envada to build the largest integrated dataset of plant chemistry in the world, tailor-made for drug discovery.


Enveda Biosciences
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