Entrada Therapeutics

Entrada Therapeutics

  • Founded: 2017
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Employee range: 50 - 200
  • Clinical stage: Clin0
  • Therapy area: DMD
  • Drug types: MUS, GEN, NEU, ONC, RAR, IMM
  • Lead product: ENTR-601-44
  • Product link: https://www.entradatx.com/pipeline
  • Funding: $181M IPO Oct 2021; $116M B Mar 2021; $59M A Dec 2018
  • Investors: 5AM Ventures, MPM Capital¬†



job board

Short description:

Biologics delivered to cytosol

Drug notes:

ENTR-601-45 Clin0 DMD; ENTR-701 Clin0 myotonic dystrophy type 1; 5 undisclosed programs RD/Clin0 DMD, Pompe disease, neurodegenerative diseases, inflammatory diseases, solid tumors

Long description:

Entrada Therapeutics utilizes a proprietary Endosomal Escape Vehicle platform to develop intracellular therapeutics. The EEV platform allows therapeutics to enter cells with broad distribution and deep tissue penetration by utilizing cellular endocytic mechanisms. The platform is also designed to increase the proportion of therapeutics that are released from the early endosome, another hurdle facing intracellular therapeutics. Entrada is currently developing oligonucleotide, antibody, and enzyme-based therapeutics for the treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and other neuromuscular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, inflammatory diseases, solid tumors, and Mitochondrial Neurogastrointestinal Encephalomyopathy. Therapeutics are currently in discovery and preclinical phases.


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