Elpis Biopharmaceuticals

Elpis Biopharmaceuticals

  • Founded: 2017
  • Location: Lexington, MA
  • Employee range: 11 - 50
  • Clinical stage: Clin0/Clin1
  • Therapy area: B-cell malignancies
  • Drug types: ONC
  • Lead product: EPC-001
  • Product link: https://elpisbiopharmaceuticals.com/pipeline/
  • Funding: $30M A Oct 2020



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Short description:

Cellular & Biologic Therapies

Drug notes:

EPC-004 RD multiple myeloma; EPC-005 RD AML; EPC-002 RD solid tumors; EPC-003 RD glioblastoma; EPC-006 RD lung cancer

Long description:

Elpis Biopharmaceuticals is developing immunotherapies to treat resistant cancers. Resistant cancers can develop due to the tumor microenvironment (TME) suppressing immune cell activity. Elpis is using their proprietary multi-functional armor technology to precisely modulate the TME and enhance immune cell activity. The technology works through multiple mechanisms of action to localize to the tumor, to selectively activate immune cells and block immune checkpoints. To identify effective therapeutics, Elpis uses mRNA display to rapidly screen and discover highly selective antibody modules against targets along with cytokine engineering. Elpis’ lead candidate, EPC-001, is being prepared for clinical trials in patients with B-cell malignancies, with many other candidates in the pipeline.


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