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Elixirgen Scientific

Elixirgen Scientific

    Company info:

  • 1-50
  • 2016
  • Baltimore, MD
  • not disclosed



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About company:

Elixirgen Scientific has developed technology to generate iPSC-derived cells in only 1-2 weeks. The company also provides consulting on projects involving work with IPSCs. Elixirgen sells a variety differentiation kits to generate specific cell types, include skeletal muscle cells, endothelial cells, and several types of neurons. Each kit introduces a unique set of transcription factors and media components at different times in the cells' development. Transcription factors are in the form of mRNA or non-integrating Sendai virus formats, thus avoiding any changes in the cells' genome. Elixirgen's advantage is the proprietary research into the proper transcription factors, media, and timing to achieve specific cell type differentiation.


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