• Founded: 2018
  • Location: Alameda, CA
  • Employee range: 11 - 50
  • Funding: $2.2M seed Mar 2020; $3.6M seed Jan 2020



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Intracellular Delivery Platform for Gene-Editing

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CellFE is developing technologies to facilitate the generation of cell therapies. A common feature of cell therapies is to first deliver gene-editing molecules into human cells. A major limitation of this is the slow uptake of genetic material by cells through diffusive delivery. Instead, CellFE has created their microfluidic device for efficient gene delivery. The technology uses rapid cell compressions to facilitate cells to act like a sponge and exchange fluid with their environment and uptake large molecules. The result is a greater yield of functional, healthy cells that can be scaled up and accelerate the path to clinic. CellFE’s microfluidics-based cell engineering platform can be adopted universally to enable low-cost, high-yield manufacturing of gene therapies at scale.


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