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BioSkryb Genomics

BioSkryb Genomics

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  • 1-50
  • 2018
  • Durham, NC
  • 10-50M



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BioSkryb Genomics is developing genomic amplification technologies to enhance single cell research. Much can be learned about disease from cellular heterogeneity within a sample by sequencing the DNA and RNA composition of single cells. However, datasets from single cells are incomplete. By using their patented Primary Template-directed Amplification and BaseJumper bioinformatics platform, BioSkryb can reveal multiple tiers of molecular information from a single cell. This can be seen in their recent product, ResolveOME, which offers a comprehensive, near-complete coverage of the genome and mRNA transcriptome from single cells. With higher quality data from single cells that can uncover the relationship between genes and disease, more precise and effective treatments can be developed.


BioSkryb Genomics
Territory Sales Manager
Durham, NC|25 days ago
BioSkryb Genomics
Bioinformatics Analyst
Durham, NC|100+ days ago
BioSkryb Genomics
Field Application Scientist
Boston, MA|100+ days ago
BioSkryb Genomics
Technical Sales Specialist
Europe|100+ days ago
BioSkryb Genomics
Senior Quality Engineer
Durham, NC|100+ days ago
BioSkryb Genomics
Scientific Writer & Content Creator
North Carolina, NC|100+ days ago
BioSkryb Genomics
Senior Scientist
Durham, NC|100+ days ago

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