Beacon Therapeutics

Beacon Therapeutics

  • Founded: 2023
  • Location: Cambridge, MA
  • Employee range: 50 - 200
  • Clinical stage: Clin1/Clin2
  • Therapy area: XLRP
  • Drug types: OPH, GEN
  • Lead product: AGTC-501
  • Product link:
  • Funding: £96M Jun 2023
  • Investors: Syncona, Oxford Science Enterprises

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Gene Therapy

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Beacon Therapeutics was launched in 2023 by Syncona as a gene therapy biotech company whose purpose is to improve or restore vision in patients with various retinal diseases that eventually lead to blindness. They use a target generation technology platform to identify and screen new therapeutic targets. The foundation of Beacon Therapeutics originates from co-founder Dr. Robert MacLaren’s ground-breaking work in ophthalmology at the University of Oxford.


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