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Arcadia Science

Arcadia Science

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  • 1-50
  • 2021
  • Berkeley, CA
  • not disclosed



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About company:

Arcadia Science is a research and development company building upon the latest biological discoveries. Arcadia’s goal is broad: to uncover knowledge contained within a range of diverse species to see how evolution has solved limitless problems. To do this, Arcadia is funding a community of scientists and providing the freedom and tools for them to be adventurous and make scientific exploration financially self-sustaining. Three areas are of primary interest: (1) emerging organismal biology, (2) enabling research technologies and (3) translational development. Outcomes from Arcadia’s projects will include new technologies and products which will be shared and made open to the scientific community.


Arcadia Science
Publishing Project Manager
Berkeley, CA|21 days ago
Arcadia Science
Executive Assistant to the Chief Scientific Officer
Berkeley, CA|28 days ago
Arcadia Science
Discovery Scientist, Biochemistry
Berkeley, CA|34 days ago
Arcadia Science
In-House Corporate Paralegal
Berkeley, CA|65 days ago
Arcadia Science
Cultivation Tech
Berkeley, CA|70 days ago
Arcadia Science
Berkeley, CA|72 days ago
Arcadia Science
Translation Partner
Berkeley, CA|100+ days ago

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