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Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals

Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals

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  • 1-50
  • 2014
  • Cambridge, MA
  • 10-100M



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About company:

Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals is developing drugs for neurodegenerative diseases. Recent scientific research has found a connection between stress granules and neurodegenerative diseases like ALS and Alzheimer’s. Aquinnah is using their expertise in biomolecular condensates, stress granules and RNA binding proteins to discover and develop small molecules to treat these diseases. So far, Aquinnah has tested over 250,000 different compounds and identified many that could eliminate stress granules. This puts Aquinnah as a leader in drug discovery to eliminate neurodegenerative pathologies produced by stress granules. Aquinnah’s current orally bioavailable drugs are in preclinical tests with human trials scheduled to begin in the next 2-3 years.


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