Altis Biosystems

Altis Biosystems

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  • 1-50
  • 2015
  • Durham, NC
  • <10M

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Altis Biosystems is using technology to reduce the time and cost of developing safer, more effective drugs. To advance drug discovery, more accurate and reproducible models are required to indicate clinical trial performance that also reduce the need for animal testing. Altis has created a next-generation in vitro platform, RepliGut, an intestinal stem cell platform, that replicates native human small intestine and colonic epithelium for more biologically relevant screening of compounds, disease modeling and microbiome research. With a scalable platform, actionable data, high throughput screening to test thousands of compounds, and an unrivaled biobank, Altis, through the use of RepliGut is poised to identify more effective drugs.


Altis Biosystems
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