Alloy Therapeutics

Alloy Therapeutics

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  • 51-100
  • 2017
  • Boston, MA
  • 50-100M

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Alloy Therapeutics describes itself as a biotechnology ecosystem company that enables pre-competitive drug discovery at all levels. Alloy currently offers licensing in antibody and TCR platforms, drug discovery and optimization services, and subscription-based access to pre-competitive technology.

Alloy utilizes highly immunocompetent transgenic mice to produce maximum diversity and epitopic coverage with their ATX-Gx antibody platform. They also offer their ATX-CLC platform for common-light chain bispecific and multispecific discovery as well as their ATX-SiD platform for the discovery of single-domain antibodies. The Keyway TCR Discovery Services offer access to custom therapeutic TCR mimics and engineered TCRs against custom targets.


Alloy Therapeutics
Senior Accountant
Boston, MA|32 days ago
Alloy Therapeutics
Scientist, Bioanalytical
Boston, MA|56 days ago

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