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Allarta Life Science

Allarta Life Science

    Company info:

  • 1-50
  • 2018
  • Hamilton, ON
  • <10M



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About company:

Allarta Life Science is advancing regenerative medicine approaches to create cell and stem cell therapies. Allarta’s proprietary platform is geared to create safe, durable and retrievable stem cell therapies. To achieve this, Allarta is focusing on three technologies: [1] Proprietary immune-privileged polymers, [2] next-generation microgels and [3] RT-Vaccine delivery. Technology improvement involves developing, synthesizing and characterizing novel polymers and materials that can enable cell encapsulation, facilitate cell attachment, assess immune protection or for cryoprotection. Allarta is initially developing their technology for diabetes and lysosomal storage disorders with the pipeline in preclinical studies.


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