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SQZ Biotechnologies

SQZ Biotechnologies

    Company info:

  • 101-250
  • 2013
  • Watertown, MA
  • 100-500M



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About company:

SQZ Biotechnologies focuses on cell therapies to treat patients with cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases. To identify treatments, SQZ is using their Cell Squeeze technology. This involves physically squeezing cells at high speeds, temporarily opening gaps in the cell membrane to enable potential biologics to enter before the membrane reseals. Cell Squeeze has worked with all cell types tested so far, but SQZ is prioritizing three platforms for immune cells to alter their response to disease-specific antigens. SQZ’s approach does not depend on genetic alterations, thus reducing unintended perturbations and enabling rapid, scalable and economic production of cell therapies. SQZ has created a diverse pipeline spanning multiple indications that are in Phase 1/2 clinical trials.


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